Markethings company, in cooperation with GTD Product Printing Company and Drina Pak, launched the production of a special edition of tea in filter bags.

celebriTEA tea is a market innovation that will have a very big and positive impact on the further growth of your marketing.

Currently, 25 works of art, by talented artists worldwide (Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Africa ...), are categorized into 5 different combinations of tea packaging. They represent the real attraction of the innovative and interesting way of serving tea that you can see in the pictures.

Four types of tea in 5 different combinations, with celebrities (sportsmen, singers, actors, superheroes ...), will make the atmosphere of drinking tea in your cafe, restaurant, hotel, children's playroom much more fun. Of course, it will be spreading at high speed with Instagram and other social networks.


- mint tea
- chamomile tea
- thyme tea
- forest fruit tea


PREPARATION: Pour hot water into a cup. Do not overfill the cup. Leave a 2-3 cm image space. After 5-10 minutes, remove the bag, sweeten and enjoy your cup of tea.

NOTE: For all information and orders as an individual visit our instagram account celebritea_1_